Freihandelskommen EU/USA (TTIP): Internes Papier – Leitmedien sollen nur positiv berichten

Claudia Schick hatte etwas am 26-11-2013 interessantes anzumerken:

„The overall approach is holistic, uniting media relations, outreach and management of stakeholders, social media and transparency. The approach will need to further localise our communication effort at Member State level in a radically different way to what has been done for past trade initiatives, in addition to deploying efforts in Brussels, in the US and around the world, providing clear, factual and convincing arguments on all aspects of the negotiations.[…]There are three main communication challenges:

  1. Making sure that the broad public in each of the EU Member States has a general understanding of what TTIP is (i.e. an initiative that aims at delivering growth and jobs) and what it is not (i.e. an effort to undermine regulation and existing levels of protection in areas like health, safety and the environment).
  2. Managing relations with third countries, as the agreement will affect also our other trading partners, in particular the multilateral level, our neighbourhood and major partners like China.
  3. Supporting our negotiating objectives vis-à-vis the US negotiators, in particular in areas not falling under the direct responsibility of USTR. This may be the case with federal regulatory agencies and state-level authorities where there will be a need for the EU to help persuade these decision makers to also engage.

In order to be successful in these areas, the Commission services and the Member States will need to work closely together and to collectively manage and coordinate our communication and outreach strategies.“
Geheimes PR-Papier der EU vom 07-11-2013 (verifizierter LEAK)

Erwin Pelzig hat am 03-12-2013 eine kleine anführende Erklärung, was das Freihandelsabkommen bedeuten wird:

„Während wir mit irgend einem Maut-Quatsch beschäftigt werden, regeln intransparente Verhandlungsrunden mit Industrielobbyisten eine neue Weltwirtschaftsordnung.“

~ von Verwaltung - 05/12/2013.

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